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Sports and Hobbies

Whether you play a competitiveunderlinesport or exercise for pleasure and health, make sure you have the insurance coverage you need.

In general, accidents to people are covered by Leisure Time Accident Insurance and damage to equipment is covered by Contents Insurance and Comprehensive Contents Insurance.

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Do you have the right coverage?

  • Leisure Time Accident Insurance covers bodily injury due to accidents that occur during leisure time, during housework, at school or during general sports activities. Children participating in competitive sports are also covered by the family's Leisure Time Accident Insurance until the age of 16. Leisure Time Accident Insurance is included in our F Plus 2, 3 and 4 insurance packages.
  • Accident Insurance is suitable for competitive athletes over the age of 16 and also for those who regularly engage in risky hobbies at home.
  • If you have Leisure Time Accident Insurance, in most cases you can purchase the special risk cover for a short period of time, which provides you with coverage during a trip abroad if you are going to compete in sports or, for example, plan to go diving, parachuting or mountain hiking at an altitude of over 4000 meters.
  • Employers are obliged to insure their employees against accidents during working hours. In certain cases, the insurance also applies during leisure time if the collective agreements stipulate it or if the employers have purchased leisure time protection, which is optional coverage as part of Workers' Accident Insurance.
  • If you have Leisure Time Accident Insurance, Accident Insurance and Workers' Accident Insurance with leisure time protection, the combined compensation from these policies will be paid if you suffer a covered accident. Compensation is tax-free in the case of disability benefits.
  • You can see what insurance policies you have in your insurance overview.
Insurance Overview
Do you have the right coverage?

Is the equip­ment properly insured?

  • Various equipment related to hobbies is generally classified as contents. However, this does not apply to various off-road vehicles that must be covered by mandatory vehicle insurance.
  • Home contents Insurance covers damage to contents due to fire, theft and water. Contents Insurance is included in all our F Plus insurance packages.
  • Comprehensive Contents Insurance covers various types of accidents that result in damage to your contents. Comprehensive Contents Insurance is included in F Plus 4 and is optional as part of F Plus 1, 2 and 3. However, there is a difference in the amount of compensation, the deductible and the extent of protection depending on which F Plus package you choose.
  • Personal Possessions Insurance provides basic coverage for valuable individual items. The insurance covers damage caused by fire, and protection against water damage, storms, burglary and robbery can also be added. The Personal Possessions Insurance is suitable as an add-on to F Plus when the total value of specific items exceeds the maximum compensation amounts or if you want to insure individual items but do not have F Plus.
  • Comprehensive Personal Property Insurance is often purchased for individual expensive items; it covers damage caused by sudden, unexpected and external events. The insurance is valid anywhere in the world while the items are in your possession.
  • We advise our customers to hold on to their payment receipts so that they can be presented if damage needs to be reported.
  • You can see what insurance policies you have in your insurance overview.
Insurance Overview
Is the equipment properly insured?