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More About Motor Vehicle Insurance

Mandatory Vehicle Insurance is the only motor vehicle insurance that is compulsory. If you want to be as well protected as possible, we also recommend Comprehensive Collision Insurance and Windshield Insurance.

  • Mandatory Vehicle Insurance: Covers damage that you cause to others and also includes accident insurance for you and the person driving your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Collision Insurance: Covers damage to your vehicle due to a collision caused by you or the person driving your vehicle. The insurance also covers various other types of damage to the vehicle, including damage due to fire, vandalism, theft and various weather-related events.
  • Windshield Insurance: Covers damage that occurs if the windshield, side or rear windows of your vehicle are fractured or shattered.
  • Vehicle Fire Insurance: Covers damage that results if a vehicle that is stored indoors and does not have Comprehensive Collision Insurance catches fire.
More About Motor Vehicle Insurance

If you have Vehicle Insurance

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What we all have in common is that we can encounter unexpected events in life that cause damage to possessions or accidents to people. Therefore, it is important that you have appropriate coverage for your family and your belongings.

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Property Insurance

Buying a property is usually the biggest investment we make in our life. It is therefore important that we make sure that the property is properly insured to minimize the financial consequences of property damage.

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Life and Health Insurance

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Travel Insurance

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Animal Insurance

Animals need insurance just like any other family member. We have extensive experience in insuring animals and offer several types of animal insurance for horses, dogs and cats that you can combine according to your needs.

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