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F Plus Travel Insurance

If you have F Plus Family Insurance,underlineyou can add F Plus Travel Insurance for a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

If you want to purchase F Plus Family Insurance and F Plus Travel Insurance, click the Get a Quote button and select the Family and Contents category.

If you already have F Plus Family Insurance and wish to add F Plus Travel Insurance, the easiest way is to send us an e-mail at vis@vis.is.

More About F Plus Travel Insurance

The F Plus Travel Insurance includes:

The main advantage of having both credit card travel insurance and F Plus Travel Insurance is that in the event of a loss, you will be compensated under both policies in the event of an extensive loss. If the credit card travel insurance does not cover the damage in full, you can claim on the F Plus Travel Insurance.

The insurance is valid for 92 days from the date of departure but you can purchase an extension for the insurance of up to one year. If you plan to stay abroad beyond the validity period of the travel insurance, we recommend the Overseas Medical Cost Insurance.

Travel insurance is optional as part of our F Plus 1, 2, 3 and 4 insurance packages. The amount of benefits, the deductible and the scope of coverage vary depending on the type of F Plus Insurance you have.

More About F Plus Travel Insurance

Included in the Insurance

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation Insurance reimburses you for a pre-paid trip abroad if an incident occurs that prevents you from going on the trip.

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International Travel Health and Travel Interruption Insurance

In the event of accidents or illness abroad. The insurance covers cost of medical care and hospital stay, as well as additional expenses if you need to return home earlier than planned.

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International Luggage Insurance

When we travel, we take with us various valuable items. Luggage Insurance Abroad compensates for damage to your luggage if it is lost or damaged in transit or if the luggage is stolen during the trip.

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Baggage Delay Insurance

Baggage Delay Insurance guarantees a certain fixed amount to buy necessities while you wait for the bag to be delivered. The insurance applies only if the baggage is delayed at an airport abroad.

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Insurance Terms

The insurance terms is your contract with VIS. It is important to thoroughly read the terms and understand what is covered and what is not, before purchasing the insurance.

If you have Travel Insurance

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