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Confirmation of Travel Insurance

Occasionally you might need to confirm to a third party that you have travel insurance. The parties who require such confirmation are mainly health institutions where you might seek treatment for a serious accident or illness or tourism operators and others who organize group tours.

Confirmation of travel insurance due to a serious accident or serious illness abroad
  • If you have travel insurance and suffer a serious accident or an unforeseen and serious illness while travelling aboard, the medical facility where you seek medical attention needs to confirm your travel insurance.
  • SOS In­ternati­onal, tel +45 3848 8080, will confirm your travel insurance wherever you are in the world and pay for the service you receive if the incident is covered by your insurance. SOS International's experts are on standby 24/7 to assist you with finding a doctor, hospitalisation and medical repatriation.
  • If the staff of a health institution abroad requests information on how to confirm your travel insurance, you can show them the "Information for Medical Personnel" document, which also contains general information for you. Some people like to print this document and take it with them on the trip. If you log in at vis.is, you will also find instructions in English under "Documents" which you can show. The information provided there is more detailed and includes the policyholder's Icelandic ID number, certificate number and duration of the insurance.
  • In the event of a minor accident or illness, there is usually no need to contact SOS International. In such cases, you can simply pay the medical expenses and keep the bills. You can attach all the relevant documents when you report the incident to us. You should show your European Health Insurance Card if you are seeking the assistance of a doctor who works within the public health insurance system of the EEA.
General Confirmation of Travel Insurance
  • Tourism operators and schools sometimes require confirmation of travel insurance for group trips. In such cases, the names and ID numbers of those with travel insurance are requested.
  • If you have F Plus Travel Insurance, you can have the insurance confirmed together with names and ID numbers. To access this information, you need to log in at vis.is and select "Documents". Please contact us if the name of a child is missing from the confirmation.
  • If you would like to receive confirmation of credit card travel insurance, you need to call us at + 354 560 5000 and provide your credit card number. We do not accept credit card numbers via web chat or e-mail.

Duration of Travel Insurance

  • The F Plus Travel Insurance is valid for 92 days. You can extend the duration according to our fee schedule for up to one year.
  • The duration of credit card travel insurance varies but is usually two to three months.
  • It is important that you request an extension of your travel insurance before the original period of validity expires.
  • If you plan to stay abroad beyond the validity period of F Plus Travel Insurance or credit card travel insurance without moving your domicile, we recommend that you consider our Overseas Medical Cost Insurance. Please contact us if you want to apply for an extension of your travel insurance or are considering purchasing Overseas Medical Cost Insurance.

SOS International

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