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Summ­er­house Insurance

An enjoyable stayunderlinein a summerhouse is one of life's pleasures. Summerhouse Insurance is suitable for all summerhouse owners who want their holiday homes to be well protected.

More About Summ­er­house Insurance

Summerhouse Insurance is essentially mandatory fire insurance, but you can add the covers listed below and thus insure your summerhouse in an optimal way and according to your needs.

  • Summerhouse Homeowners Insurance is a good addition to the mandatory fire insurance. Summerhouse Homeowners Insurance provides comprehensive protection against unexpected and sudden events that cause damage to your summerhouse. You can also add special protection for the patio, hot tub, screen fencing, gates, fences and detached structures.
  • Summerhouse Contents Insurance protects your belongings and personal possessions that are located in the summerhouse on a regular basis. The insurance covers the main types of damage that can occur to your belongings due to fire, burglary, robbery, storm or collapse. In addition to the traditional contents insurance, you can add holiday appliance insurance, laundry overheating insurance and refrigeration and freezer insurance.
  • If you believe that the fire insurance assessment of your summerhouse does not reflect the true cost of rebuilding it in the event of damage, it is a good idea to add Additional Fire Insurance to the Summerhouse Insurance.
More About Summerhouse Insurance

The insurance covers

  • Fire damage.
  • Sudden accumulation of soot.
  • Fall of aircraft on the property.
  • Firefighting and rescue operations to avoid or limit damage.

The insurance does not cover

  • Damage caused by items burning or melting if there is no fire.
  • Damage from soot or smoke that has accumulated gradually. For example, soot from a chimney or candles.
  • Indirect damage due to fire, including operating loss, delay in production or delivery of goods, loss of rental income and the like.
  • The cost of cleaning up waste or toxins in the environment or soil following an insured event.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. Further information can be found in the insurance terms.
In case of discrepancy between this list and the insurance terms, the insurance terms applies.

Insurance Terms

The insurance terms is your contract with VIS. It is important to thoroughly read the terms and understand what is covered and what is not, before purchasing the insurance.

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