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Domestic Medical Cost Insurance

Are you moving to Icelandunderlinepermanently or temporarily for work or study?

Domestic Medical Cost Insurance will cover you for six months period from the time you have an Icelandic residence permit or have registered a legal domicile in Iceland.

Further Information about Domestic Medical Cost Insurance

  • Domestic Medical Cost Insurance is a short-term policy. The insurance is valid for six months from the insured has been granted a residence permit or is an Icelandic citizen who has registered his legal domicile in Iceland.
  • If you are moving from another country within the EEA, Greenland or Faroe Islands, you might be covered by the Icelandic Health Insurance scheme without a 6 month waiting period.
  • The insurance is compulsory for foreigners who are moving to Iceland on a temporary basis for work or study and have applied for residence permit or work visa from the Directorate of Immigration.
  • Suppose there is a need to apply for compensation from the insurance. In that case, the insured must submit a confirmation from the Directorate of Immigration that the residence permit is valid on the date of the loss.
  • The insurance deductible is ISK 50.000 due to the combined cost covered by the insurance.
Further Information about Domestic Medical Cost Insurance


You can apply using one of two options. If you have Icelandic eID please apply and sign with your eID. We also offer those who haven't got Icelandic eID to apply for the insurance and sign with two factor authentication (mobile number and email).

Apply for the insurance


The insurance covers

  • Cost related to a hospital stay ordered by a physician and cost for general and specialized service that is provided in hospitals where the patient does not have to be permitted, but not a stay at a sanatorium unless such a stay is required because of an illness whose symptoms first appeared after the insurance took effect, or because of an accident that occurred during the insurance period.
  • Cost related to general medical care outside the hospital.
  • Cost related to necessary tests and treatment rendered by specialists.
  • Cost related to medication which is essential for the insured to use regularly, in addition to other necessary medication costs.
  • Cost related to unavoidable travel by a physician to the insured and cost related to transporting the insured to hospital.
  • Cost related to home nursing resulting from serious, long-term illnesses or accidents covered by the insurance, provided that home rest substitutes for a hospital stay.

The insurance does not cover

  • Cost in respect of vaccination.
  • Cost resulting from a stay in a maternity ward or childbirth center.
  • Cost to which the insured is entitled according to public health insurance in Iceland or abroad.
  • Cost related to accidents that occurred before the insurance took effect.
  • Cost related to illnesses whose symptoms appeared before the insurance took effect.
  • Cost related to dentistry or plastic surgery, unless these are due to necessary emergency procedures resulting from a covered accident or illness.
  • Cost resulting from pregnancy, obstetrical care or illness that can be traced to pregnancy or miscarriage.
  • Cost related to illnesses resulting from the use of alcohol, addictive drugs, or other recreational substances.
  • Cost related to accidents caused by high-risk sports.
  • Cost related to accidents caused by fights or participation in a punishable act.
  • Compensation for illness, procedure or other insurance event directly or indirectly caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, avalanches or other natural disasters.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. Further information can be found in the insurance terms.
In case of discrepancy between this list and the insurance terms, the insurance terms applies.

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Insurance Terms and Other Information

The insurance terms is your contract with VIS. It is important to thoroughly read the terms and understand what is covered and what is not, before purchasing the insurance.

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