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Home insurance

We all have in commonunderlinethe potential to encounter unexpected events in our lives that can result in damage to our property or accidents to people.

Home insurance includes content insurance and family and leisure insurance. You can also choose to add comprehensive content insurance and travel insurance.

Family composition, insurance coverage preferences, and individual risks vary, so the insurance can be customized to suit everyone’s needs.

What suits you and your needs?

  • Content insurance is our base, complemented by individual liability insurance. The content insurance covers property and personal belongings that are part of a general household against fire, theft, and water damage. The content insurance is suitable for those who want to protect their belongings, whether they are at their primary residence or elsewhere, such as an additional apartment they own. The Individual liability insurance provides financial protection if a family member becomes liable for damages to others.
  • Family and leisure insurance is a comprehensive coverage option for you and your family. It includes leisure time accident insurance, trauma counselling, hospitalization insurance, and legal expense insurance.
  • Comprehensive content insurance is an optional coverage that can be chosen with property insurance or home insurance. Comprehensive content insurance covers various unexpected events that result in damage to your belongings. The most common claims covered by the comprehensive content insurance include damage to mobile phones, computers, and glasses.
  • Travel insurance is an optional coverage that can be chosen with content insurance or home insurance. The main advantage of having both credit card travel insurance and home insurance travel insurance is that if credit card travel insurance doesn't fully cover your damage, you can get compensation from your home insurance policy.
What suits you and your needs?

Further information on the home Insurance

General information on the home insurance
Content insurance
Leisure time accident insurance
Trauma counselling
Hospitalization insurance
Legal expense insurance
Individual liability insurance
Comprehensive content insurance (optional)
Travel insurance (optional)

Insurance terms and other Information

The insurance terms is your contract with VIS. It is important to thoroughly read the terms and understand what is covered and what is not, before purchasing the insurance. We point out that the information document contains a brief summary of the main aspects of the insurance. Further information about the insurance can be found in the insurance terms.

Other information

If you have Family and Home Contents Insurance

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