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Frequently Asked Questions about Okuvisir


Do you track my location?
Who is the processor for VÍS?
What personal data is VÍS collecting about me?  
What consent do I need to give to be in Ökuvísi?
Where is my data stored?
Do you use my information about my driving behavior for any other purpose than Ökuvísir e.g. in claims?
Is the app always tracking my location?
Can I track the trips of other family members that are using the car?
Does the app know who I´m talking to on the mobile phone while driving?
Can the app detect what I am doing on my mobile phone while driving?
Is my data safe?
Who has access to my data?
Do you sell or share my data it with others?
What happens if I accidentally delete the app?
How can I cancel Ökuvísir?

Setup and usage

What is Ökuvísir?
How do I begin to use the app?
I cannot find Ökuvísir in App Store or Google Play?
Why do I need to accept permission requests?
Why does Ökuvísir need access to health and fitness in my phone?
Is an Internet connection required to run the app?
How can I see that I am on a trial period in Ökuvísir?
How long is the trial period in Ökuvísir?
Is my car insured in Ökuvísir during the trial period?
How much does it cost to use the Ökuvísir app?
How can I buy Ökuvísir insurance?
I have my insurance at another company, how can I move it and join Ökuvísir?
Can I add a comprehensive collision insurance to Ökuvísir?
I just got a quote in the app on a car that I am not the owner of, can I cancel the quote?
If I turn off the phone, will the app still capture the trip data?
Do I need to actively open and run the app in the foreground while driving?
Does the app work if my phone is almost out of battery?
Can I switch smartphones and continue to use Ökuvísir?
What if I am not using the car for some period of time?
Can I add an driver to my vehicle?
I just bought a car, but I want to change the insurance company and join Ökuvísir, what do I do?
Can I use Ökuvísi abroad?
Can I get a coverage for motorsport included in Ökuvísir?
An error occurred while going through the quoting process, what do I do?

The tag

What does the tag do?
How much does the tag cost?
Does the tag record GPS data?
Will the tag device record data if WiFi or Bluetooth is disabled or unavailable?
Can I skip using the phone to measure the trip and just use the tag?
How can I access the tag?
How do I pair the tag with the app?
Where should I install the tag?
Where should I put the sticker that came with the tag?
Can I turn off the tag?
How close does the smartphone have to be to link to a tag?
What does "tag only" mean?
If a tag is linked to my car and phone, and I am traveling in another car, will the app capture data?
I just sold my car, what should I do with the tag? 


How is the driving score calculated?
What is the difference between the star rating and my number score?
What is the difference between the drivers score and the vehicle score?

Trips events

Why was I penalized for hard acceleration when the app only registered 0 km?
Why did I receive a phone use trip event, even though I had stopped when I picked up my phone?
Why am I penalized for hard braking in unavoidable circumstances?
What is the criteria for speeding?
What is the criteria for the hard acceleration?
What is the criteria for hard cornering?
What are the criteria for hard braking?
What are the criteria for phone use?

Trip recording

What factors can impact trip recording?
What can delay the process of a trip?


When do I pay the premium?
How is the premium calculated?
Where can I see my payment history?
Will I pay much more if I drive more than 500km in a month?
I can see that my price in Ökuvísir has changed even though I have the same score and mileage as before?
When did the price change?
Does the new price apply to everyone in Ökuvísir?
Why were you lowering the price for driving score 87 and above?
Is it difficult to achieve a driving score of 87 or higher?
Are you increasing the price for driving scores lower than 87?
I can see on vis.is on the copy of my policy that the price is still the same as before?


How can I cancel Ökuvísir?
How do I contact VÍS if I need assistance with Ökuvísir?
How does the leaderboard work?
What data do I share with others when joining a leaderboard?
How do I create a leaderboard?
How do I add users to my leaderboard?
Is it only possible to compete in, who has the best driving score?
How long is the competition?
How many leaderboards can I be a part of?
Can I remove a user from a leaderboard or delete the leaderboard?
How do I leave a leaderboard?