Hoppa yfir valmynd

Board VÍS

Guðný Hansdóttir

Board Member

Guðný joined the VIS Board of Directors in March 2020. He has been assessed as eligible by the FSA.

Year of birth: 1967

Education: MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology and a BS in Marketing from the same school.

Main occupation: Investor

Work experience: VP for Human Resources at Inness (2014-2018) and Chief Human Resources Officer at Skeljungur (2009-2014). Previously, Foreign Marketing Coordinator at Penninn Officeday, VP for Human Resources at Air Atlanta and Director of Cabin Crew at Icelandair.

Other directorships: Value Factory Ísland ehf. (director), Medisýn ehf. (alternate director), KIB 6 ehf. (alternate director), Fly Play hf. (director).

Shareholding in VIS and independence: Guðný is one of the owners of KG eignarhald ehf. which owns 887,525 shares in the Company. Guðný is independent of the Company, its day-to-day management and its major shareholders.

No interest ties with major customers or competitors of VIS.